Why Replace Crowns?

Although dental crowns are strong and can last for many years, some signs indicate you need a dental crown replacement. To learn more about dental crowns and other implant restorations in Finksburg, MD, visit your dentists at Finksburg Dental Associates.

When should you replace your dental crown?

Sometimes, it is clear that your dental crown needs a replacement. That is seen when the dental crown falls out completely. But in some cases, the patient doesn't notice that their dental crown is damaged and needs a replacement.

That is why you must maintain regular dental visits and checkups to help your dentist find any teeth problem and treat it immediately before it becomes worse. Below are signs that you need a dental crown replacement:

  • Having an old dental crown: the life span of dental crowns is about fifteen years. This period depends on your commitment to daily dental care and regular dental visits. If you have been using the same dental crown for more than ten years, then it’s preferred to replace it before problems start appearing. Consult your dentist about the implant restorations in Finksburg, MD, as they know more about them and their problems.
  • Suffering from a failing dental crown: some patients need to replace their crowns every five years or less. These patients are probably grinding their teeth or biting hard objects all the time.
  • Suffering from pain and swelling in the area that is surrounding the crown: this is an alarming sign that you need an immediate crown replacement. Having pain or swelling around the crown may indicate that the dental crown is old, broken, or placed in the wrong way. Talk to your dentist to find out why your dental crown is causing these problems.
  • Suffering from receding gums: this is a common complication of damaged dental crowns. Gums receding will expose the tooth roots to the surrounding environment, making them sensitive and painful. A receding gum line may indicate that your dental crown is placed improperly or you haven't been maintaining proper dental hygiene practices.

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