Who Needs a Family Dentist?

Who Needs a Family Dentist? Everyone! The team at Finksburg Dental Center in Finksburg, MD, understands that getting a dentist for the whole family is a great way to maintain the dental health of everyone in your household. Check out some of the benefits for yourself:

Dental Decay

Going to the dentist twice a year is sure to stay on top of any cavities that may try to form in-between visits. Your dentist will be able to give you advice on how to keep your healthiest smile with x-ray exams, referrals to orthodontists, and visual inspection of the teeth.

A Consistent Presence

If you have any questions or concerns, having a family dentist is a boon because your dentist will have a stronger relationship with your loved ones. A youth that is fearful of the dentist may breathe easier with a dentist that they know and trust.

Keep up good habits

Having your dentist clean your teeth in this way allows you to have sound oral health at home. Brushing and flossing twice a day, avoiding tobacco and sticky foods in-between visits are healthy habits that help maintain a great smile.

Checking for Overall Health

You should check your mouth for anything that may seem out of the ordinary daily. This can include lesions, marks, sores, or anything that may seem like a cause for concern. During your checkup - your family dentist will be able to suggest if there is anything serious or any changes from the last checkup.

Achieving A Polished Smile

Your dentist will brush your teeth with a polishing toothpaste that is effective at getting stubborn calculus and another buildup that may be between your teeth. Afterward, you may receive a fluoride treatment, if necessary.

Finding a compassionate, professional, board-certified dentist for your family in Finksburg, MD, shouldn’t be a hassle. Contact us at 410-861-8900 to schedule an appointment. See you soon!


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