What To Do if You Lose a Permanent Tooth

Permanent teeth by their definition are not meant to fall out. However, poor oral hygiene, disease, trauma, and tooth decay can make you lose your teeth. Losing your permanent teeth is a dental emergency needing the attention of your same-day emergency dentists in Finksburg, MD, Dr. Jan Katzen, Dr. Lisa Patel, and Dr. So Jung of Finksburg Dental Associates.

What to Do If You Lose a Permanent Tooth

Losing your permanent teeth is a major dental emergency but following the right steps can save the tooth and your smile. Here's what you need to do:

  • Find the Tooth - The first step to restoring your missing tooth is finding the tooth. You can get friends to help in your search if finding the tooth turns out to be difficult. When you find the missing tooth, don't touch the root but pick it up by the crown. The tooth root contains sensitive structures that will help your dentist reattach it.
  • Stop the Bleeding - After your tooth falls out, your gums may start bleeding profusely. Place some dry cotton balls in the bleeding tooth socket and apply pressure. The cotton balls will soak up the blood, and the pressure will help stop the bleeding. If the cotton balls get filled with blood, you can change to a fresh one and continue applying pressure. Rinsing your mouth in between cotton ball changes is crucial.
  • Rinse the Tooth - Clean water will remove dirt particles on your tooth. However, don't brush or scrape the tooth as that can damage sensitive tooth structures necessary for reattachment.
  • Put the Tooth Back - After you've cleaned your tooth and stopped the bleeding, you can put it back into the hollow socket. Putting the tooth back in its socket will help protect its delicate structures. You can stabilize the tooth by placing gauze over it and biting down on the gauze. This will help keep it in place till your dentist attends to you.
  • Preserve in Milk - If your tooth is having trouble staying in your socket, you need to preserve it to prevent drying. Put it in milk until your dental appointment.
  • See Your Dentist - Schedule an appointment with your same-day emergency dentist in Finksburg, MD, for possible reattachment. The window for tooth reattachment is narrow, so you need to get to your dentist's office as soon as possible. If reattachment is not possible, your dentist will suggest other tooth restorations.

If you just lost your permanent tooth or have other dental emergencies, call your same-day emergency dentists in Finksburg, MD, Dr. Katzen, Dr. Patel, and Dr. Jung of Finksburg Dental Associates, by dialing 410-861-8900.

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